Project Selection

As part of an intensive research, YOURopa screened EU projects from different funding programmes dealing with AEC and collected them in a project pool.

Project requirements

A) The projects need to represent elements of AEC in one of the following sub categories:

  • Promotion of active involvement and participation of diverse individuals, including those from disadvantaged groups, in life of communities and public affairs
  • Actively addressing problems and bringing about positive changes in communities, as well as opposing unwanted negative changes (e.g. extremism, xenophobia, racism, discrimination), on the basis of principles such as human rights, equality, inclusiveness, diversity and social justice
  • Active promotion of community cohesion and social solidarity, thereby strengthening civil society as well as empowering individual citizens
  • Promotion and development of learning and skills, such as those necessary for planning, leadership and management, to effect positive changes in society and communities
  • Promotion of and effective development of knowledge and understanding of issues addressed by a project, amongst its participants and wider public, enabling them to make informed decisions about their communities and improve their quality of life (e.g. can include voting, involvement in pressure groups, being members of parties/movements)
  • Promotion of volunteering and voluntary activities as the most effective expressions of active citizenship
  • Promotion of democratic citizenship and active engagement of citizens in dialogue, consultation and policy-shaping processes at different levels

B) The projects did not end earlier than in 2009.

Selection procedure

Afterwards an international team of experts selected 30 of the most promising projects according to defined criteria for special promotion activities.

YOURopa Criteria Catalogue