• IMAG0063Gathering all relevant target groups and stakeholders at a two-day conference in the UK, during which concepts, perspectives, interests and demands, as well as examples of best practice in AEC, can be presented and discussed.
  • Implementing thematic workshops during this conference, in which special key areas and problem zones of AEC will be analysed and discussed.
  • Accompanying the conference with a project fair during which best practice EU projects dealing with AEC can be presented to the public; these projects will be carefully selected and invited beforehand, and will represent different EU funds, such as the different sub-programmes of the LLP, but also other programmes, such as Europe for Citizens, Youth, Culture etc.
  • Publishing a special addition of the European magazine “Focus Europe” in which EU policies, relevant key notes as well as best practice examples of EU projects dealing with AEC will be presented.
  • Last but not least, interlinking relevant target groups and stakeholders in informal networks and working groups (through the website, Web 2.0. based communication means and the conference), which will work on this issue long after the funded period of the project has ended.