Delottie photo - Sidney AustinThe YOURopa project has the following main objectives:

  • Raising general public awareness about the issue of AEC in Europe, including the presentation of general EU policies, of opportunities, risks, chances and benefits in this context, as well as the introduction of adult education providers and educational counsellors specialised in this field
  • Attracting citizens from all over Europe to the concepts, opportunities, benefits and possibilities of AEC, and encouraging them for pro-active engagement.
  • Promoting European policy and funding opportunities related to AEC.
  • Supporting EU projects which in their activities deal with AEC, to disseminate their project ideas and to build reliable networks for stakeholders and target groups.
  • Providing several platforms where all relevant target groups and stakeholders (e.g. adult education providers, policy makers ranging from local to EU level, social partners, NGOs and associations representing the interests of AEC, representatives of EU funding bodies etc.) can meet, discuss and push forward the issue of AEC in Europe.