CROPA – Crossing Paths

“Crossing Paths” is a project dedicated to youngsters, to the issues of poverty and social exclusion (theme of the European Year 2010) and 1.crossing paths italian show 1interculture, and to the possible role of theatre and the arts as tools for education, against social disease, apt to foster social inclusion and cohesion.

 Main results and outputs of the project were:

  1.  4 theatre workshops and 4 shows with youngsters in the 3 different partner countries: two groups of kids aged 12-13 and two groups of young aged 17-21 worked for several months on the project issues and created 4 shows to be performed first locally, then altogether at ITC Teatro (in San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, Italy) in May 2011, in the occasion of the Festival of Schools, the biggest festival of school-theatre in Italy;
  2.   7 artistic exchange workshops: during the 18 months of the project, each of the 4 groups also worked with the teachers and directors of the other two partner organizations, who went to the partners’ cities both for artistic and methodological exchanges among professionals, and for working directly with the youngsters;
  3. 1 international conference on the project issues, involving 4 main experts in the morning session and 20 guides in the afternoon working groups. Experts and guides were chosen from different fields: philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, pedagogues, artists, educators, interweaving their work and enriching it thanks to reciprocal thinking and knowledge;
  4. 1 international network involving more than 100 among organizations (associations, cooperatives, schools, universities, institutions, NGOs, intercultural or social centers, theatre companies) and individuals (artists, educators, social workers) dealing with educational or social or artistic issues or works. The network members had their final dedicated event, called “Humanity Fair. Fair of Other Humanities”.

Coordinator: Teatro dell’Argine (IT)
Contact: Ms Micaela Casalboni

Funding programme: Culture